Thames and Chilterns Vineyards Association

Celebrating  winemaking and vine growing in the Thames and Chilterns region

About the T&CVA

The Thames and Chilterns Vineyards Association (T&CVA) was formed in 1988 and is one of 7 regional groups which together form a national association, Wines of Great Britain Ltd (WineGB).

The T&CVA is open to everyone interested in wine and vine.  It has a membership that includes  commercial vineyards and winemakers, amateur winemakers and vine growers, and others with just a general interest in wine from the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and West London.

To join the T&CVA please contact WineGB

T&CVA News

The T&CVA AGM will be held at Oaken Grove Vineyard on Wednesday 24th Jan 2024 at 11am

The T&CVA Annual Wine Competition will be held in Sept this year, more details later.


The aims of the T&CVA are to provide a hub for vine growers, winemakers and wine enthusiasts for advice, information and networking opportunities; and to promote the Region’s wines. Throughout the year the association organises access to workshops, webinars and meetings associated with viticulture and oenology, also competitions and events. See the News and Events page.

Member vineyards regularly compete in regional, national and international wine competitions. With wines from our region winning medals in prestigious International Competitions such as Decanter, International Wine Challenge, and the International Wine and Spirit Competition. 

The Association's Chairman and Officers liaise with Wine GB on matters affecting vinegrowing and winemaking in the UK, putting forward the views of its members on matters relevant to the region.

Members of the T&CVA


The WINEGB mission is to assist and promote the future growth and prosperity of the UK vineyard and winemaking industry

‘We aim to achieve this through education & training, working with government and regulatory authorities, developing trade opportunities, making our wines and our vineyards sustainable, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge through research, and using key indicators of industry performance to drive our policies’.

Wine GB Industry Statistics